Diet for uterine fibroid

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Diet for uterine fibroid

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Each disease has some recommendations for diet and lifestyle. Except it is not, and uterine fibroids. It has been shown that this type of cancer is dependent upon the hormone estrogen. Since medical practice is often chosen expectations and way of monitoring the treatment of this disease, which pay particular attention to advice on diet to prevent the rapidly growing fibroids.

What to eat?

As mentioned above, the development of the tumor is associated with estrogens in the body and accumulates in adipose tissue. Hence, diet uterine uterus based on reduction of food intake of fats and carbohydrates. It is undesirable to overeating. It should be as soon as possible to adjust the weight.

So what is the environmentally friendly products with this disease?

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber - to normalize intestinal microflora. Reduces the risk of cancer.
Oat bran or wheat - well rid the body of toxins. Saturates the body with energy.

Sea fish. Fish oil - stop developing fibroids.
Milk and milk products - inhibition and neutralization processes of decay and fermentation.

Beans - useful for all tumors in the body, blocking their growth.
Soya - excellent antitumor agent.
Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pine) - feeding the body with energy.
Diet for uterine fibroid necessarily should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Indeed, in this disease, since any bleeding often occurs iron deficiency anemia.

Diet against cervical cancer - which products should refuse?

Naturally, uterine fibroid diet contains a list of extremely adverse food. In addition, they almost are marked as "prohibited":

alcohol (especially beer),
hot dogs,
fast food in any of its manifestations;
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