Is It Hereditary or is it Just Coincidence?

Possible medical based reasons for ice chewing.

Is It Hereditary or is it Just Coincidence?

Postby Ana » Sat Sep 17, 2005 5:56 pm

Yes I know, what a stupid topic this is.... but i have to ask!
Is ice eating hereditary? or is it just coincidence...?

It kinda runs on my mum's side of the family, which is very weird, as there are still some significant factors that differ between each member.

My grandmother, mother,aunt, my girl cousin, mysister and me eat ice!

When my mother was pregnant with my older sister she started to have cravings for ice and ate (her prefered soft crushed) ice everyday since then! Same thing happened with my aunt (mum's sister)!
Four years later pregnant with me, tomato and olives and with my younger sister, now the strange thing is my older sister doesnt eat ice...and she is very much annoyed by me and my younger sister who do eat ice! We love it and started very young! Contrary to popular belief/ stories etc... our teeth hasnt fallen out and our stomachs' are fine. we have had no problem with eating younger sister even asked her dentist if it was a problem on the teeth ..he said no! its only water and has no effect on the mouth/teeth.

A week later my younger sister collapsed on a london underground platform (trains)... I thankgod she was leaning against the wall and in no way near the edge! Luckily trusty big sis was their and took her straight to the nearest hospital! she said she felt dizzy.. Turns out, YES ...she was ANEMIC! she still takes those iron supplements to this day... two days later i had a check up at the doc's ..said i was healthy and nothing was wrong with me. I told him my family ate ice and that i do more so then my younger sister. He said that was strange... and curious! The only problem i have is cold hands... and yes that's even when i dont eat ice. Apart from that ice has never been an issue. its become apart of everyday life in the family... friends, co-workers still think its weird as do i ... is there an explanation for it... why aint i anemic and my sister is when i eat more ice?...she is as healthy as me apart from the blood!... why aint my big sis an ice eater... and me and the youngest are? ... these are just some of the questions i have...! I hope some one who can relate in anyway to this can tell me of your experiences and family... everyone else is welcome to tell me what they think , id appreciate that thanx. Ana

ps. God.... i wrote an essay! thanks for reading it!
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Postby talli » Mon Apr 30, 2007 5:39 pm

I don't know about ice chewing being hereditary, I sure hope not. However the anemia could be. Otherwise just a bad habit picked up through the generations. Thats my take on this.
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