I chew for the icy crunchy goodness :).

Why do you chew ice?

I chew for the icy crunchy goodness :).

Postby Nivalia » Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:33 pm

I have no idea why I started. I had never had an OCD-like habit before, and I'm pretty mentally intact. I think it has something to do about where I live or stress.

I live in a very cold place with plenty of ice and snow so it might make me feel a bit at home.

When I started it was on an airplane-- there was some ice in a cup and I liked the crunchy feel of it. I think its very stress relieving and routine-- much better than smoking or anything like that.

Very odd though...I can go through up to 10 trays a day but I've never had an addiction before...I am low on iron though!
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Re: I chew for the icy crunchy goodness :).

Postby sarha » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:12 pm

Interesting that you have low iron.. I've read a few posts here and quite a few describe their ice eating ice as anemia or iron-deficiency anemia. I live in a very snowy area of new england and I loved eating snow ever since I knew what it was.

My ice obsession started a few years ago with one of my uncle's wives.. Shortly after they were married, I went over to her house and she was eating the ice out of a 7-11 cup and telling me how much she loves it. I went home and filled a cup full of crushed ice and I really enjoyed the crunch, coldness and flavor of water- just like snow. I did it to distract myself from eating when I was bored, which I did frequently, and it caught on as an absentminded habit. Like you, I believe I'm mentally sound and I don't have an obsessive-compulsive personality. It keeps my mouth busy so I don't feel like unnecessary eating but also allows me to stay hydrated because I drink so little.

I think the anemia and low iron connection is very interesting because my mom has iron deficiency anemia and there's a high chance I possess it myself. I wonder why anemia leads to ice eating?

Anyway, I too love the crunching feeling, and ice is my favorite crunchy 'food' because it tastes like icy cold water. Lately when I eat it around people I feel self conscious because of the crunching noise that seems very loud to me.. I've never heard someone else eat ice so I wouldn't know how loud it actually is.

Usually I eat around three to four cups daily, many more if I'm sick or away from home. Maybe the need for comfort and familiarity triggers it? I'd like to know if they have some studies on this.
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Re: I chew for the icy crunchy goodness :).

Postby kokomo » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:17 pm

I was OBSESSED with eating ice and found out I was extremely anemic. You better get checked. I ending up in the hospital.
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Re: I chew for the icy crunchy goodness :).

Postby lenasis46 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:51 am

I'm a dialysis patient and all the patients in our unit are pretty hooked on ice. I used to like the flakes ice. I actually bought a Scotsman flake ice machine for 3,000 and that wE years ago. Now I am trying to sell it on craigslist for 500.00, since I do not use it anymore. I am onto the nugget/cubelet ice. I want to buy a nugget ice maker, but my boyfriend is trying to discourage me since I take as much as I want from our dialysis unit. It's like going through horrible withdrawals when I am out of ice. I literally have to ask my noufruend to take me to the closest hospital near our house and I ask for ice there. The ice there is the rabbit turd ice (it takes about 3 hours before the ice melts)!

I think ice stays fresher and longer in the paper cups I'd foam cups with a small hint of water. This is when you're using the nugget ice, sonic ice.

I am anemic and it's strange when I received a kidney transplant, I lost all cravings for ice and could not stand the sight if it, now I can't get enough, but I do have to watch my fluid intake. I catch so many patients take bags and bags home. It's quite an addiction, but tastes so good. I'm very picky with the ice I chew. I just think nugget ice is the best! Vince Gill is an advise ice lover. His wife, amy Grant bought him his own Scotsman ice machine for their anniversary!
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