I can't believe I found this site

Why do you chew ice?

I can't believe I found this site

Postby crusher » Sat Sep 10, 2005 5:02 pm

I have been crunching on ice for the last five years since I was pregnant with my daughter. I use to make tiny ice cubes as my treat each night but I have recently bought an ice crusher, now I have crushed ice on its own or in drinks every night and day now - especially just before I go to bed. I am also addicted to cappucino though. I will drive for miles for a nice one. I will also drive a long way for a crushed iced latte (because I am in UK and they are not so frequent here). Sometimes I can't concentrate at work because I am thinking about crushed ice or capuccino. I thought it was just an addiction but now I think I will get my blood checked (or maybe not!). We don't have anything like snow cone here! :x
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