Mmm...soft white ice!

What makes the Best Ice?

Mmm...soft white ice!

Postby ___Lo » Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:54 am

I live in the city and there are many stands outside that sell fruits and such. Well they also have ice cones! This man that i go to has a huge ice cube probably the size of a tv. He has a metal scraper that he uses to scrape the ice off and put it in a cup. It comes out soft, white and slushy! Its to die for! He also pours fruit juice on it. Most of the time i like it plain. Ive concidered making them myself...only one problem: I dont know where would i fit the big ice cube at! Haha. Well yes...just wanna say that its the best ice ive ever tasted!
And when he isnt outside, there is a McDonalds right on the corner so i go there everyday and ask for a Large cup of ice! The workers see me walk in and they always know what im there for. Lol. They charge me 33 cents. The ice is pretty good there too. Just by looking at the ice, i know if its old or not depending if the ice cubes look smooth or not. If its old, i request to get it straight out of the ice making box. They think im weird! :lol:
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