What makes the Best Ice?


Postby Fnord » Sat Feb 02, 2008 6:05 pm

I agree with the consensus that any soft crunchy ice is good, and that Sonic Ice is best. $1.40 for eight pounds.

Don't use water from your hot-water tap, unless you are sure the plumbing is not poisonous on that line. A very common situation.

How about a little lemon juice dashed over the cup of ice to soften it up? I also throw a little powdered Vitamin C on my ice at least once a day; similar to lemon juice but you still need to wet it with water.

And now... two words: FROZEN FRUIT. What could be better? You've got the mouthfeel, the cold crunch, plus the delicious flavors. Buy a big bag of a mixed fruit, and a couple of bags of special fruits like cherries, pineapple, raspberries.

Frozen fruit is fresh, unlike the fruit you buy at the produce department; unless you go every day. You buy fruit and it spoils. Not frozen fruit. Ready to eat, E-Z Squeezie! No sugar or additives. Vitamins, fiber. And the same sense stimulation as a nice popsicle.

It's perfection all by itself, a cup of frozen fruit, but if you're up for a bit more fuss, add yogurt, and finally, top it off with wheat germ.

Makes a great breakfast on the run, and it's great for teething toddlers too.

You can get a good deal in frozen fruit at ALDI's.

Thank you for sharing your comments with me.

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