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Ice Crusher

Postby iceychick71 » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:00 pm

Hello All!

I am a 38 year old female that has had diabetis now for 36 years! Yes, the diabetis has caused me to go blind and was on kidney dialysis from 2000-2005 when I recieved a kidney transplant! But unfortantly the transplanted kidney went into renal failure on Sep. 28th, 2008! I am now back on dialysis and since my body retains fluids, I can't drink a lot of fluids. So I went on Craigs List and typed in the search "Ice Crusher". And low and behold there was only one ad! I made contact with the owner and met them. Got a hand crank vintage ice crusher that has 3 diffrent sizes to choose from to crush ice! I of course, eat the smallest pieces that the crusher makes! I love my new ice crusher! The best thing is that its not electric and the blades will never get dull! Its made in the 50's and built to last! I've crushed 6 cubes and it over filled my 8oz coffe cup, so I went to crushing 5 cubes and found that number to be perfect! I don't have a frig with auto ice maker/crusher so this little crusher is perfect! Picked it up for $8!
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Re: Ice Crusher

Postby Melty4You » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:39 pm

An ice crusher, aye? Why, I would have NEVER thought of such a thing! My father recently got a kidney transplant due to his diabetes and renal failure. Despite the transplant, he's still being advised not to take in too many fluids unless dictated by his Endocrinologist. I think the only concern I have is that he'll unknowingly take in too many fluids after he downs one too many ice cubes. Have you ever experienced this "boo-boo" before, iceychick?

Either way, it DOES sound like a fantastic idea. I would think that it would be difficult to eat without having something to liquify your mouth and cool your throat. I'll certainly inquire with my dad's doctor and see what he says. You definitely seem to be onto something here. Thanks for sharing the good work, icey! Hope you get to feeling better!

By the way, have you (or any other lurkers on here) ever been to to seek out info on causes and treatments for organ transplants? Thanks, all! :)
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