Hi All - Newbie Here *crunch crunch*

Share your ice chewing stories.

Hi All - Newbie Here *crunch crunch*

Postby MmmIceMmm » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:59 pm

I'm in total shock that I found this forum! I was Googling to see if ice crunching was common in pregnancy...And I guess so - lol. I'm currently 32 wks pregnant with my 2nd beautiful daughter, Paisley, and I am a total addict! Not only do I crunch about half a bag of "pellet" style ice from Food Lion's produce prep room's icemaker a day - It's the only ice I even like. Any place that doesn't serve the same ice gets my drink ordered ice-free. I've only had this habit for the past two weeks or so, and my boyfriend surely thinks I've lost my mind. The staff at the local Food Lion are more than happy to oblige my ice habit - completely free of charge! I never wanted anything to do with ice while pregnant with my first, my iron levels are perfectly where they should be... So I'm attributing my new addiction to it being Winter and I'm always burning up like it's 100 degrees. In reading some of the other posts - I too, enjoy the smell of gasoline while munching on my ice pellets. I don't understand it - And I rarely indulge in the urge to sniff the gasoline... But I feel I might be addicted to the ice forever, lol.
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