my crazy story

Share your ice chewing stories.

my crazy story

Postby pammy742 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:02 pm

well mine began about 6 yrs ago i had a gastric bypass and i luved ice i started eating it in plastic water bottles like 30 40 bottles a day it became a real obsession for me like a ritual how the bottles were placed in the freezer how many times i wood shake them threw the frezzing process i did that for about 3 yrs and then i got real sick i ended up with blood clots in my lungs and they say that it might have been from the bottled water that i was freezing cause i was told that if u freeze bottle water the plastic gives off a toxins so i stopped eating it that way so a bit of a warnin about freezing bottled water so anyways now i eat at least 2 5lbs pound bags of ice a day if not more depends on the day and i always thought that i was crazy that i was the only one that was obsessed with eating ice but its not really ice everything that i drink has to be frozen im talkin bout pop milk everything but mostly ice i dont feel comfortable unless i have a container of ice next to me at all times i even wake up in the middle of the nite for ice sooooo mine might be a bit worse then most but im glad to know that there are other people that love ice as much as me and that im not totally crazy and the funny thing is is that its ruining my teeth and i am in a lot of pain and it doesnt matter i still eat ice so i guess that i am goin to have to deal with it and by the way i am very anemic with the operation i am anemic and i only have one kidney so i have to take the iron threw injection casue it also makes me sooooooooooo sick so glad i found this site makes me feel alot better about myself so thank you very much :)
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