the work place.........

Share your ice chewing stories. the work place.........

Postby Bluegirl1217 » Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:44 am

Ok I work in a professional environment, I mean suit and tie office, and due to my loyalty to my ice I must prepare 6 large Paper Starbucks coffee cups go around to each floors icemakera that have white ice -I detest clear ice. After filling each cups with ice I run hot water over them and the the munch session can begin! My ice addiction has caused a lot of coworkers to become upset over the lack of ice in the building due to me clearing out all the ice makers during business hours as well as taking a reusable Whole Foods bag and filling it with a clear brand new trash bag I get from the housekeeping staff here at work and then I go to each and every floor and fill my bag and then stash it in a fridge on the first floor so that I can grab it on my way out in the evening.....I've got it BaD!!!!
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