Once very anemic

Possible medical based reasons for ice chewing.

Once very anemic

Postby Guest » Wed Sep 22, 2004 11:47 pm

I had a co-worker who always ate ice. It would drive me nuts riding in a car with her. Then one day I started chewing ice too. Three years later, I was eating 5-6 glasses of ice a day.
At the beginning of June this year I started getting tired more often, my energy level became less and less. I thought it was the heat. Then the end of July, I found out my blood pressure was very low as well. I was advised by a friend to see a doctor. I saw my OB/GYM nurse practitioner and she ordered a blood test. I was so weak the next day after the blood I almost fainted several times. I had already begun getting really weak before I saw the doctor, but this was worse. My nurse practitioner called that afternoon very concerned. She informed me my blood (hb) count was dangerously low and I needed to see a doctor ASAP for treatment of anemia.
I did see a doctor that evening who took me off work because I too weak to drive or work. She ran more blood tests and prescribed an iron treatment of 325mg 3 times a days plus Vit. B-12 injections every two weeks.
Within 4 weeks my blood levels had risen 5 points and I was able to work again. Sometime during this treatment I stopped eating ice. I didn't notice it right away but when I did I was amazed. I had heard there was a connection between ice cravings and low iron levels but never gave it a second thought. I believe different now.
Recently I tried to eat a piece of ice and it was horrible. What a change.
I'm glad I got the treatment I needed not only for my teeth's sake but for my health! If you're obsessed with ice advise your doctor and ask for a blood test.

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