nasty tasting ice

What makes the Best Ice?

nasty tasting ice

Postby Icecold » Thu Jun 01, 2006 4:06 pm

My ice lately has tasted really bad. At first I thought it was the water filter I use. I bought a new filter and the ice still tasted bad. the whole frig started smelling like the ice tasted. I started thinking " Now this will definitely stop me from craving ice, ugh!!" It was almost a postive thing since I think I eat to much ice.

Last night I decided to check out the contents in the freezer compartment and the frig. Lo and behold, there was a jicama in the vegetable drawer that had started getting mold. I took a swift smell and realize this was the taste of my ice, yuh!!

I immediately threw it out and the ice in the trays went down the drain. After washing everything down, I left the frig door open long enough to rid the smell. I hope tonight when I return I will have my beloved clean sweet tasting ice treat.

If you really want to stop eating ice. Let something turn moldy in the frig. I thought I was going to have to quit, it was nasty.
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