irresistable crunchy ice recipe

What makes the Best Ice?

irresistable crunchy ice recipe

Postby Icecold » Thu May 25, 2006 10:08 am

hello all you chompers out there.Boy do I have a great recipe for crunchy ice lovers.
Use your rival snow cone maker and shave enough ice in any size containers you prefer (larger the better). If you can bare it, leave these covered containers overnight in your 40degree refrigerator. The next morning the ice will be oh so crunchy. I can't wait to eat it. I go through at least 3 liters of crunch by the time I get to work. Yes, I have to have a gaint size as I drive to work. I like eating it with a spoon and I drive in the slow lane so I can eat every morsel with out dropping any. I usually pray for a stop light every so often so I can get a good mouth full or two before traffic starts moving again. Good tunes on the CDplayer enchances my icey experience, that is if I turn the volume up higher than the crunch.
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