My favorite way to crunch ice

What makes the Best Ice?

My favorite way to crunch ice

Postby greeneyedchick22 » Thu Mar 31, 2005 6:24 am

My favorite is is straight from my freezers ice trays!!! I fill them up about half way and when they are frozen, ( I like them to be white) I will fill up a huge glass all the way to the top. Then I will turn my faucet on until the water get's warm and run the warm water over the ice and then immediatly strain the water out. It makes the ice a lot softer and easier to chew.
Boy do I ever feel weird writing about my ice chewing techniques but this is the best place to do it right! :D
I know that during my pregnancy I had a really bad ice crunching habit and my Doctor told me it was because of me have low iron. After I had the baby I stopped having the cravings for about two years but now for some reason they are back. I know I'm not pregnant but maybe my iron is low right now for some reason, I don't know of any other reasons why people crave ice. If anyone else knows of any reasons please let me know! Thanks for reading my thread and any information you can give me about this odd habit, :wink:
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