Share your ice chewing stories.


Postby twinx31 » Thu Jul 08, 2004 11:24 pm

wow!!!! So im not alone in this wierd addiction to ice. Its been 5-6 years now and not a day goes by that is not filled with major ice eatting. It starts in the morning with my drive to work and a BIG cup of ice, I stop at the gas station by my work and fill up, I then will leave work 5-6 times a day to hit my favorite ice stops around my job. all the people know me at these places and I wonder if they think im wierd. I try to hit differnt places all day so no one knows how much I really do eat. There is never a time I dont have a hugh cup by my side. My fingers get frozen from dipping in to get it. Most of the people around me accept this from me and dont give me any grief. I know its super annoying and I really like to eat it alone so I can chow down. Ive thought I was alone in this for so long and this site is really great and makes me feel better about it. As for my teeth yes they are suffering for it but I CANT stop. I also am prone to being animic and have terrable heavy periods and lots of blood clots. I think I will try the iron becouse I really do want to quit but feel helpless in this and I think it might be harder to stop than smoking. sonic and qt do have great ice and sometime you can get lucky if an ice machine isnt freezing right and the ice will come out soft and crushed, I will go to that place often and pray they dont get it fixed. my boyfriends work has great ice so he brings me home a big bag everynight. He is the best. Well thanks so much for listening and once again this sight is really a sight for sore eyes or teeth LOL!!!!!
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