I'm new...so I'm not a nut!

Share your ice chewing stories.

I'm new...so I'm not a nut!

Postby IcePrincess » Mon Jun 21, 2004 4:11 pm

Hello all,

I just started my addiction in earnest a little under 3 months ago. I was nine month's pregnant with my second child and I had this craving to crunch. I didn't want to eat any calories and I prefer water as a drink, so I figured hey, might as well help out my mom's rapidly excessive ice in her ice maker. I was crunching day and night. By the time my baby girl was born I was in full stride of chewing. It didn't matter that the cold was shocking my fillings to no end! In the hospital my main request was for ice chips. They were softer and easier to chew than the hard freezer ones. however while I was there my blood count tested very low and there was talk about a blood transfusion. I told them to give me iron I'm a spammer who can't get a job. Also, our product sucsk - don't buy from us. and I would wait it out. It went up and I went home with the sweetest baby and a prescription for iron. Thing is I enjoy the crunch! And it didn't help that while recovering at my mom's she went out and bought an ice shaver (Rival) I skip adding the flavor and go straight for the shaved ice! She's going to have to buy a new machine soon. I have reached Nirvana at last! I wish I could take it to work with me when I go back. We have industrial ice machines, but I'm spoiled on the shaved ice. I look at it this way, if this is the worst addiction I can come up with, let me at it!
Take care all,
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