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Share your ice chewing stories.

<3 ICE <3

Postby Lee » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:20 am

Hey Ice chewers
am so excited i found a massage board for this! haha unbelievable i was craving for a cup of ice while surfing the net and i ended up registering here!
my name is : Hadeel .. am a 21 years old girl .. i live in the united arab emirates
been chewing ice since i was 12 ! and i thought i was the only one
of course i used to have daily arrguments with my mother but now she gave up .. she tries sometimes to stop me tho!
emm what else .. oh i get so excited when i find sweet yogurt or juice bottle in the fridge .. and i put them in the freezer .. i dont remember the last time i had a normal juice .. sometimes i try to stop .. but chewing ice feels so GOOD T.T
you all agree?
yes i thought so
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