Just coming out of the 'ice box'

Share your ice chewing stories.

Just coming out of the 'ice box'

Postby Tennisgirl » Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:55 pm

I didn't realize I had a 'problem' until last winter. It started with me catching snowflakes on my mittens and trying to lick them off. Then I started walking around with my tongue out trying to catch them on my tongue. Finally one day, I came home and got out my blender. I filled it with ice, set it on the crush cycle and ate it right out of the blender with a wooden spoon. I'm a little nervous about winter coming, because last year, I would eat snow if I thought it was clean enough. I even sneaked into a little corner of a very public place because I had to eat it. (Geez, even just writing about it makes me want to eat it.)

I too am anemic and have heavy menstrual cycles from HE#@ - as someone else wrote.

I don't like feeling like something has 'control' over me, but then again, I think, of all the addictions - it's not that bad. My church has the best ice. It's thin sheets of little squares!! I picture myself sometimes leaving the church stealing a pitcher of ice. Also, even though I knew the ice machine door was broken, I opened it up just so I could eat it. I spent the next 10 minutes fixing the door to close it.

Thanks for listening to my story! May God bless us and our frozen tongues.
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