Negative Calories

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Negative Calories

Postby wcsjax » Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:41 am

I have been an Ice chewer for 20 years, and joke to all my friends that the ice chewing is an example of negative calories, in that I chew so much ice the it cools my core body temperature so much, that at times I am almost shivering, so I use alot of calories just to stay warm, plus, I chew the ice by itself, and we all know water, even if frozen has no calories, plus the act of chewing uses calories, plus that same act of chewing fools the body into thinking that it is food you are eating. Soft ice is the perfect food.

Any ice that comes out of a refidgerators front door on crushed ice is just a recipe for disaster and dental bills. That crusher produces irregular shaped ice, that is hard in nature. If you think about how diamonds are cut, they are cleaved from the main diamond, not unlike the way bit of the ice shelf calves off to form a floating ice berg. Those irregular shaped ice pieces will shear off part of your tooth.

I invested $2200 in a commercial machine 2 years ago, and have never regretted it even one day. I now save on gas and time that it used to take me to go get it, and just bring my own cooler to work with me. Life is wonderfull.

By the way, Flake ice is in my humble opinion superior to pellet ice, but pellet isn't far behind. Both produce consistently the same shape that is safe and soft. My flaker starts up high and as it adds more ice, it goes down a slope inside the ice area, forming popcorn like snowballs that are especially delicate and wonderfully chewy. Just right.
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