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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:24 pm
by TeacherSue
So, do you not get bags anymore?

I go through the Drive-Thru...they hand them out through the window.

I even call ahead, and they save the "good" ice for me...when it falls right from the chute, it is almost chewy...they shove it over once in awhile, and I get about 8 bags at a time.


PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:17 am
by lilred44
Well, the pinheads and kids that run this Sonic are not as nice as yours. Or they are just pure lazy and don't want to serve those that make it possible to get thier paycheck. But since then, I have been getting bags of really good ice from our local Harmons grocery store. Its like circles and if I let it set for just a couple of minutes, it gets softer. And since I eat it with my fingers, it makes it easier to pick it up.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:17 pm
by TeacherSue
Glad you are not going iceless!! Yeah, I am known as "the ice lady" at my Sonic...they are on my speed dial!!!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:46 pm
by lilred44
I don't think I could ever go iceless! and I think its pretty cool that you are the "ice lady"
I do have a question though, does crunching ice trick your body into thinking that you are eating food? so therefore storing fat cells. I am having one terrible time losing weight. I am pretty active and dont eat junk food and soda. But I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this same quandry? could it be possible that I would have to tell my husband that he may be right? :shock:

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:26 pm
by TeacherSue
could it be possible that I would have to tell my husband that he may be right?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Men are NEVER right...or at least we shouldn't let them know if they are!!!

No, I don't think is water. I know we are chewing instead of drinking, but I don't think my body is smart enough to know the difference!!

:roll: :roll:

PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 9:05 am
by coffeesnowman
hi Sue, here's the Wall Street Journal article!
it talks about addicts like us and quoted this site. =) ... 27145.html

PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:00 pm
by TeacherSue
Thanks...that is awesome!

Re: Sonic is THE best!!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:02 pm
by sonic_ice_yum
HI...I had forgotten about the ice chewing website until I just got an e-mail about .iswhaticrave. Glad to see there are fellow sonic ice addicts! I first discovered the "rabbit pellet ice" at Duncan Donuts back in the 80's. Shortly after that I discovered Sonic. I am no where near eating a 10lb in a day. :shock: wow...and I thought I was bad :lol: I usually get a route 44 coke and ask for extra ice and if I am driving around I can easily eat it all but if I go home I try to conserve it. I like to save some for my after dinner snack. My problem is that it tastes so good with coke and I am trying to quit drinking coke. My other problem is my teeth have gotten sensitive....I need to go to the dentist. At my Sonic I have heard I am in good company. I asked them if I was the only one who gets a morning 44 everyday and they said there were a number of others who come in and just buy the ice cups. I also will buy a bag from time to time. I have been buying bags of ice from sonic since early '90s. The person who called their sonic and they said they had shaved need to go in and check. When I called my sonic one time to question and complain about finding some big chunks of ice in my cup rather than the "crunchy crunchy ice" or "rabbit pellet ice" they also called it "shaved ice" and said their machine had broken down. Apparently they had had lots of complaints because they got it fixed pretty quick and a car hopper told me that they had gotten LOTS of phone calls about it. Where my husband works, they have a rabbit pellet ice machine and he will bring home a large cup of ice for me from time to time...such a sweetie! Their pellets are a little bigger than sonic and not always tastes that great but hey, it is crunchy crunchy ice so I can't complain! :P The person who found flakes at the bottom of their cup should check out San Antonio if that isn't where they live already. We get our water from the Edwards Aquifer and if you do not have a filter on your water then you will get large deposits of limestone. It will ruin a dishwasher, washing machine, etc... in no time if you don't have a water filter. When I use our regular ice at home and it melts, there is a lot of the limestone sediment floating around. I think they say it is suppose to be good for you but I get bottled water refilled to drink...tastes so much better. I have also looked into buying the sonic ice machine. Has anyone bought one and how much was it and where did you get it?

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:28 pm
by TeacherSue
They are on sale on a search for Sonic ice machines. There are always several for sale, but they are way too big for me. I want a small, Our Shitty I'm a spammer who can't get a job. Also, our product sucsk - don't buy from us. Suck and We will rip you off! size; and those cost about $3,000 at a supplier in St. Louis. I am close to St. Louis that is why I checked there.

As much as I am spending on ice, after a few years, it would pay itself off. I just can't do it...I've got a kid ready to go to college!

Re: Sonic is THE best!!

PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 8:12 pm
by tOriaaa.

Re: Sonic is THE best!!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:00 pm
by kelvinman
what type of medical transcription program do you use to figure these type of stuff out?


PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:58 pm
by luv2bellydance4life
TeacherSue wrote:Yes, the bathroom visits are annoying to say the least. I teach high schoolers, and they all know if they can't find me, I'm in the bathroom!! I take my small Igloo cooler full of Sonic ice to school everyday! One time a kid came to me for ice because he hurt his hand. I said..."No, you can't have my ice for swelling...go to the nurse and get an icepack!!"

I probably wouldve done the same. Im obsessed with eating ice. Sonic ice isnt my number one fave, but its probably my 3rd fave type. I like the ice at the Chicken Express resturaunt we have here, which is my second fave. It is a little softer than sonic Ice i think, though it is still nugget ice. my first fave would have to be, the ice our ice machine at home makes. Its big rounded cubes but after it makes, we put it in the freezer, it freezes, then I get a huge cup full (heaping) set it in front of my airconditioner, turn it on fan, and let the ice melt down a little. The cubes are the white soft ice that alot of people love so when it melts a bit, its really easy to chew, and tastes amazing, I eat big huge cupfulls all day long, one right after another.

Re: Sonic is THE best!!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:15 pm
by TeacherSue
I purchased my own ice maker that makes pellet is THE best! It was expensive, but it is small and compact; and well worth the money. I was spending $1.50/bag at Sonic and going through about eight bags a week. Now I have my own at my disposal!

Re: Sonic is THE best!!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:37 am
Hello! I'm new here! But I've just found this community and I think it's great! I'ts really interesting to find a lot of people with the same kind of addiction that I have. Some years ago I almost had a terrible car accident but luckly nothing but a terrible fright happened, but that same week I started to feel desperately a need of ice. At the beginning I thought it was a casual whim because of the really high temperatures of the place where I live, but after some weeks of noticing that I couldn't stop chewing ice and that my teeth where really strong and that I had to buy extra ice because the amount of ice of the refrigeratr wasn't enough I started thinking that something was happening to me. I came up with the theory that the fright of the almost crash was really strong and that caused me a lot of anxiety, I talked to my homeopath and he agreed with my idea. I couldn't live without my ice. I bought an ice machine (which I now use a lot because at that time I decided to start making ice cream to sell) but I don't use it anymore because all of a sudden, one day I dind't need ice anymore. Just like that. It appeared one day and desapeared another one. It was weird!

I understand you!! hugs to everyone! I'm mexican living in Mexico! ;) good luck!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:44 pm
by SonicIceLover
OMG!!!! I go to Sonic everyday. I buy 8 route 44 cups of ice a day. They all know me at Sonic and know exactly what I want when I pull up.