Hello fellow delinquents!

Share your ice chewing stories.

Hello fellow delinquents!

Postby chillymama » Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:43 pm

Amazing how WE feel weird! It's only frozen water! But weird is exactly how I feel when I go through the drive-thru just to get ice. When my fiance hands me his drink cup at the end of the night so I can eat his ice (he has suffered many dirty looks for throwing out perfectly good ice), and I HAVE to stay awake to eat it because it's the best kind - nice and softened from being in a drink!! Or when I ask to sit closest to the bathroom because of endless trips to get rid of recycled ice :roll: Amazing how far I will go to satisfy this craving but don't like to walk out to the mail box! I'm glad I found so many others like me, my future sister-in-law is a chomper too. Between the two of us we can put down an 8lb bag in a day when it's hot! I've resorted to putting a heating pad under my toes while at the computer 'cause they get sooooo cold while I munch and surf! Can't wait to save up enough for one of those Sonic ice makers!
Cold hands = warm heart!
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