Ice Craver Need their Iron Levels Checked

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Ice Craver Need their Iron Levels Checked

Postby Ice Crusher » Sun May 27, 2007 2:04 am

My friend and I both had this huge craving for ice. We both work at the hospital and everyone knows that hospitals have the best ice. We work midnights and all night would continously eat ice, but now she no longer does it. She went to the doctor and got her blood check and come to find out her iron level was low. She ended up getting a blood trans-fusion, and no longer have the craving for ice. She says she also feel much better.
I'm going next because I eat too much ice to the point where my body is retaining the water and it's causing my feet and ankles to swell, but i still can't stop eating it. It's time I choose between ice and my health, and so fair my ice addiction have won. People don't understand why I can't stop eating ice. It's an addiction just like people be addictied to alcohol and drugs, and I have an addiction to ice. Hopefully that'll change soon.
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Postby europa » Mon May 28, 2007 9:15 pm

When I crashed from consuming too much ice my hemoglobin levels were dangerously low, I also had small irregularly shaped red blood cells, and a blood transfusion was recommended. My fingernails had begun to deform as well. However, I chose iron supplementaion instead and responded very well. I also began to feel better and regained the weight I had lost, which was not a problem. While on iron supplementation I didn't want ice, it no longer tasted right, and the mouth feel was weird. Because of the side effects I stopped the iron supplementation. After a while my cravings returned though, coinciding with my cycle and stress level. But I think I can still satisfy the craving and maintain a good level of iron in my blood.

I don't want to give up eating ice. My method of madness is shaved ice. :D
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Re: crashed

Postby iceloverone » Tue May 29, 2007 1:56 am

europa wrote:I don't want to give up eating ice. My method of madness is shaved ice. :D

I don't want to give up chewing ice either. I want to not crave it so much but I do enjoy the fact that something so simple can make me so happy. I also like snacking on it, if you can call it that. I took iron I'm a spammer who can't get a job. Also, our product sucsk - don't buy from us. for a while and my cravings did go away but I missed the ice and the satisfaction that it gave me. Is that strange or what?
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