Good water makes good ice

Share your ice chewing stories.

Good water makes good ice

Postby Photogwen04 » Mon May 21, 2007 10:13 am


I can't believe I just found this site!!!! How wonderful!

I started chewing ice when I was pregnant, my son is now 5.

I like small pieces of ice, and when I make ice, I only 1/2 fill the cups in the trays so that they are small and I can eat them. I like to keep the bottled water out of the fridge so that it will soften up the ice cubes when I pour the water in.

:!: It is important to make my ice with spring water. Drinking (eating) tap water for long periods of time MAY cause a thyroid problem due to the levels of flouride and etc in tap water. Spring water is best!! :!:

I brought in an ice tray at work, and I get really really mad when people make ice with tap water. And I can tell, because I CAN SMELL it.

I didn't even realize that I had an ice eating "problem" until someone at work told me that they can hear me eating ice all day. I was like, "Really!?!?"

I like going to McDonald's with my son, letting him play in the play room, and I sit there and crunch on the ice from the machine.

:!: I started getting TMJ from the constant pressure I put on my jaw from crunching ice. :!:

I am also anemic (vegetarian) and i do not crave anything else other than ice. Some people say that people who are anemic also crave paint chips,...... But, that is not me. :D
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