Ice eater for 3 years +

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Ice eater for 3 years +

Postby dimples » Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:15 pm

I am 60 years young, and have been eating ice 'cubes' for 3+ years. :oops:
So last night I thought I would 'google' and see if there was anything about this... just knowing there wouldn't be. Low and behold there were numerous sites. I felt a little bit better knowing I wasn't totally crazy! When this started over 3 years ago, my best friend had just been in a horrible auto accident that I witnessed. She went from bad to worse (we use to 'run the roads' 3-5 times a week. So all of a sudden I didn't have my buddy and thought maybe that had something to do with my 'eating'.) Anyway she passed last December and I am 'eating' more than ever. When this started, I would add water and wait till the ice got 'crunchy'. My fridge dispenses cubes and crushed. So I thought crushed would be better, cause I wouldn't have to wait for 'crunchy'. I wear a partial and I know it will break eventually, but I keep on chomping. I use a big insulated mug that holds about 6 cups of water, and I fill it full of crushed ice... about 7-8 times a day! I don't eat healthy, over weight, don't think I am anemic or diabetic. So does anyone have any other ideas. I have a doctor appt. in 3 weeks and will speak with him about it. Haven't tried to stop, so don't know if I even could. The stuff just tastes so darn good.
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