gotta have the ice

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gotta have the ice

Postby IcewomanCA » Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:59 pm

Hi....I live in california and I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor...if that wasn't enough....I have this ice fixation....gotta have it...found out I was anemic....well that is great but the dr. also said you are a special case though...I said oh really why is that...well you have porhyria cutanea tarda...which means you can't have alot of iron in your system or your lesions will get worse...oh lucky lucky I am wondering what can I dr. put me on iron supplements which guessed it...made the lesions went back to my oncologist...he says...we have to do blood draws to get your iron level back down so your lesions can heal...and stay out of the sun...oh boy...lucky me...I have to become a nite owl now. So the first blood draw was done..they took a talk about then I started to eat more ice of course...but I can't take iron...any one have any ideas ?????
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