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Old Time Ice Chewer

Postby icegood » Mon Nov 21, 2005 10:04 am

I was only eight years old, but I was familiar with my parents liquor cabinet, no not the booze, what I wanted was right behind the bottle of Southern Comfort; the Ice Crusher, big, shinny, teeth like a killer shark. The year was 1976, and like every thing else back then, the Ice Crusher was made well. I sat there and would feed in at least a tray of ice, until the bucket was too full to take any more. Then I would dump it all into this huge cup I loved for just this purpose, add some Iced Tea (still my companion of choice for my ice), just enough. For me, the ratio of liquid to Ice is critical. I add just the right amount to float the ice ever so slightly, then by practice can ensure that with the last ounce of fluid come the last piece of ice. My wife gets mad when I refuse her a sip from my cup, but then the ratio would be all off. Well any way back to 1976... I would then get a spoon and finish off the ice. I still eat Ice, whenever I can. I no longer use a spoon, and no longer need an Ice Crusher, my mouth is big enough for any cube and my jaw muscles are strong (really strong) enough to crush any ice cube. It is now three decades later, still love Ice, still cannot resist eating it, even in five star restaurants. If I go out to eat and order wine with dinner, I have to order a side cup of diet coke (for the Ice fix). My favorite is fast food joints that have self serve, I fill up on Ice, and then before leaving, I refill. I was recently at a fair where a cup of soda was $2.50; I gave the woman a .50 tip if she made my all Ice (with a splash of diet coke, just enough, she had a good eye for it!) One time the dentist wanted to put some kind of enamel on my teeth to keep from getting cavities, but he said I would have to stop chewing Ice, I told him not to bother. I always wonder how loud it is for people around me, the sound is loud in my head. I have no desire to stop; it's a part of who I am. I have an Ice dispensing fridge now, still use mostly Iced Tea as accompaniment. Some times I eat so much I get really cold, but other than that. I love it. CHEW ON!
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