New Ice eater!

Share your ice chewing stories.

New Ice eater!

Postby Rachey278 » Wed Jun 01, 2005 11:34 pm

Just recently i have been eating A LOT of ice... why? i have no idea. It seems i grab a glass of cold water and fill it to thr rim of the glass and barely haver enough water to even fill it up, and i wait for it to melt down somewhat and i go to town on it.

For example i work at a local grocery store(Kroger,ever hear of it?). Anyway, the seafood dept has a crushed ice machine, and i wonder back there maybe 4 times during my 8 hour shift and keep it on the table where i work and eat it with a spoon, i love it.

As soon as i get home from work or anywhere i fill ym glass and do this until i go to bed.

Some say it's from being sexualy deprived(not me)
Some say it's from having an iron deficiency (not me)
Some say it's because it's a pregnancy craving (definitely not me)

It's something that calms me down and makes me feel at peace somewhat, other people think i'm strange, and my mother says it's because i want to ruin the thousands of dollars she put into my mouth when i was younger with braces LOL.

But i know some of you can relate with me on this, so i thought i would share my thoughts with all of you and see if any body relates to me.

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Yes I can relate

Postby lresper » Mon Jul 18, 2005 7:34 pm

I can totally relate. I'm a 20+ year ice eater from Washington, DC. I can remeber exactly when the addiction started, my friends mom used to eat ice from the freezer all the time. I went home and let the fridge sit open just enough not to spoil the food. Ice would build-up and by the time I came home from school the ice was thick as can be. I would spoon out every last drop and just eat all night until bed time. I can remember walking to McDonald's in the heart of the winter with snow up to my knees Timberland boots and my bestfriend to get 8 cups of ice. I would have my friend order 4 cups and I would order 4. Soon, it became apparent to the workers there that the ice was for me and I was addicted.

I must say this addiction is something and I'm not trying to fight it. I love ice genuinely love it. I now live in Los Angeles and the best place to get ice crushed at just the right melting point is Jamba Juice. They have the best ice I ever had I swear it if you see a Jamba Juice try it and let me know.


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arent you scared?

Postby Dee123 » Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:51 pm

hey, arent you scared ofeating so much ice? have you ever done research on all this ice stuff? i have and there are some things that really scare me about it. did you know that eating alot of ice can cause certain types of tumors and cancers, loss of blood, internal bleeding, migrains, lack of energy scars on the body, etc? theres alot and after doing so much research on it-it kind of scares me to know that something like that can happen to me as well. however i am anemic as well and that is why i chew alot of ice but the iron supplements dont seem to work on me. i am also a ice freak, i chew glasses of ice a day non-stop and i cant stop. ive been chewing it for about 4 years now and it jsut seems to be getitng worse. and this scares me because lately ive been gettin scars on my body and i know its from eating ice, have you ever gotten any of that? if you have please reply...thanks
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Ice eating obsession

Postby lresper » Tue Jul 19, 2005 12:35 pm

I have had some concerns about my ice habit in the past. But I've since had twins and according to my gyneocologist I am an anemic and the ice is bad for my teeth. But there are no major health issues that I am alarmed about. I haven't heard about the scarring where did you find that information? I would like to research and ask my physician.
Happy chewing I have a 32 oz cup chomping away as I type. :lol: :roll:
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