Im in Heaven....theres more people like ME

Share your ice chewing stories.

Im in Heaven....theres more people like ME

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:28 pm

OMG! :o I just can't believe there are others out here like me who feel the same way I do about ICE! :D I started when I was pregnant with my first son in 1999. He's now 5 and I have not stopped. As stated in some other postings, I feel the need to have ice. When I am stressed I eat ice, when I wanna pig out on junk I eat ice instead. I thought this addiction was way better than smoking, drinking, or any of the other bad habits others do. Though, I kinda feel like a crack head. I am so addicted. When I go out to restaurants, I will ask for a glass of ice. If the ice trays in my house are not filled, I will snap! Before I go to bed, I need a cup of ice. I am already aware of my need for iron, but regardless, I still want it. It feels like my safety blanket. :roll: What would I do when I am stressed, if there were no ice or iron deficiency. :cry: I do however wonder if anyone has had any negative symptoms which are harmful to the body. Besides, the cracking of the teeth. Of course, I don't wanna do anything which causes harm to my body. If anyare known can someone please let me know.

Thanks! :mrgreen: [color=red]

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