Not related to low iron

Share your ice chewing stories.

Not related to low iron

Postby bennett311 » Tue Oct 26, 2004 1:42 pm

I figure that ice chewing is more habit than it is a result of low iron in your body creating the need for it there. Being from the South, I was raised on grits, I continue to eat grits about 3-4 times a week for breakfast and then close out the afternoon at work with ice chewing. Grits are full of Iron and I take a Multi-Vitamin daily so I doubt my Iron count is low. I got into ice chewing at work as a way to pass time and stay awake. Office jobs are dreadfully boring and I don't 'do' coffee so ice chewing helps me stay awake.

I am told that it is bad for my teeth, but my major concern is that I am annoying my coworkers. I suppose it is ok since one cubemate is loud as sh1t and the other wears horribly loud sandals that 'flip-flop' as she goes by. If she was younger and cuter I might let it pass, but alas I cannot. So ice chewers unite and continue to get back the smokers and loud mouths and score one for the shy, quiet, ice cruching SOBs that we are.
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