Europeon Countries and Ice....Any stories to back this up?

Share your ice chewing stories.

Europeon Countries and Ice....Any stories to back this up?

Postby Icechujunk-e » Sat Oct 16, 2004 2:01 am

I came across an article today online regarding Ice in Drinks. In it there was reference to Germans and Ice. Apparently in Germany ice chewing and ice in drinks is frowned upon. There was reference to a medical article someone had read which stated that ice cold drinks with a lot of ice or even just cold straight from the fridge will accelerate the build up of kidney stones. There was also another note of a German doctor that evidently advised his patients to drink one beer a day at room temperature to avoid the stones! It also referenced that it didn't seem like Germans were the only ones appalled about ice. It seemed to apply to other European countries as well.

In some of these other countries they see ice as "getting cheated" (not enough liquid). This is why they apparently only serve their drinks with two or three ice cubes. I don't know about you guys, but if I got two ice cubes in my drink I'd be one very upset customer. :x

Anyway, thought it was interesting, figured I'd share it with everyone here. Perhaps someone out there can back this up with their own stories. Not sure how new or old this article is and probably things have changed a little. Well, now off to get me some ice! :D
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